English Floors are the premier provider of high-quality wood flooring in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex. With many years serving our local communities, our experienced team will support you all the way through the sourcing of the wood to installation, finishing touches, and maintenance services across the years. We are passionate that the homes of our local area should benefit from our incredible work, so offer this excellent standard of flooring at a range of costs, including those at the lower end of the scale. This enables all homeowners to achieve the stunning aesthetics and excellent practicalities that real wood flooring provides, and to benefit from our top-notch work to top it off!

Offering services that cover everything from sourcing to restoration to aftercare services, we are the team here to transform your home to the best it can be! As local experts we pay meticulous attention to detail, performing finishing and sanding to perfection. We also offer supply services as wholesale, providing the highest quality of wood to people across the UK and Europe. Our extensive reach allows us to work with only the best materials sourced from across the UK and wider. This excellent standard material coupled with our professional installation will ensure that your new floor is set up for good. From parquet flooring to engineered wood flooring, our capabilities and experience suit all requirements and tastes. For the best wood flooring in Sussex, you have definitely come to the right place!