Aftercare Service

 Wood is a durable, natural material that when finished professionally is an extremely hardwearing surface. To maintain this, plus its’ beautiful aesthetic and finish, for years on end, there are some small maintenance tips, tricks, and services you should employ. It is useful to note that when taken care of well, your wood floor will last a lifetime and many of the professional services need only take place every 10 years or so. The other recommendations on this page are steps that you can take yourself to keep your floor in the best condition it can be!
Measures to protect your floor
There are several measures that you can take to protect your floor. Actions like not wearing shoes on it will help, as any grit or small stones carried on your shoes can be trodden into the surface. You must also never wear high heels on natural wood! You should place furniture pads under the legs of any of your furniture to prevent the pressure of the weight. Finally, soak up any spills as soon as possible to avoid any staining or markings soaking down into the wood.

You can clean your wood floor thoroughly by yourself; it is exceptionally durable but just takes a little consideration to make sure that everything remains in a good condition. Use a hoover with a brush attachment or simply sweep it with a soft brush. These methods will adequately remove any dirt. In the case of needing to clean up spills, simply use a dry towel immediately and soak up the liquid. If it needs more, use a damp cloth and wipe the area clean. You should never use a steam cleaner or mop with water as this can cause the wood to swell and distort. You should also absolutely avoid any kind of rough surface attachment to your vacuum cleaner as this can scratch the surface.

Professional maintenance and aftercare service
Our professional aftercare service will take care of your wood flooring, right from installation through to decades after. We can perform full cleaning services as well as sanding, finishing, and repairs. Our work is of the highest quality, paying attention to detail and leaving you with a smooth, neat, and perfectly finished floor that looks as good as new. Able to work with all types of wood floors, we have experience with engineered floors, hardwood floors, and solid floors. If your wood flooring needs a lift, get in touch today and we will rejuvenate your home by ensuring your surfaces are maintained to the best they can be.

Why work with us?
English Floors provides the best quality care for the wood floors in Brighton and Hove. Considered the local experts in our field, we will treat your floors with care, cleaning, maintaining and rejuvenating them to the best they can be. Offering a range of services and range of corresponding costs, we can accommodate all homeowners at an affordable price that allows them to take the utmost care of their wood floors.

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