Brighton and Hove Wood Floor Fitting


Wood is a unique material that’s beauty lies in its natural aesthetic. Because of its natural composition, the installation process that we undertake must be done carefully and with a great deal of skill to ensure all goes smoothly. As the local experts in all things wood flooring in Hove and Brighton, English Floors are the team to ensure that your wood floor is installed to perfection! With decades of experience between us, your new flooring will be stunning and made to last well into the future.

Wood Floor Installation
Your wood floor must be installed with the utmost care. As your local experts, we are the team to ensure that the installation goes smoothly, succeeding in creating a perfect wood floor, that will be durable, maintaining its beauty over the years. With a team who have been working in this field for many years, we know just how to read the material and the room to best benefit the installation. A specialist installation will be custom designed and arranged in response to your space, and with our expertise and specialist knowledge you can be sure that your property will receive the best care when you work with us!

As experts in our field, we can install a whole range of styles and aesthetics that will suit your taste and needs. From parquet flooring to reclaimed wood to solid floors, you name it we can achieve the look that will suit your home perfectly, and retain its beauty for many years to come. As part of our service, we offer both wholesale and residential supply, so you can be assured that not only will the installation of your flooring be of the best standard, but so too will the quality of the wood that has been sourced just for you.

The type of wood that you choose will affect not only the aesthetic and properties but also the installation process. Able to work with a whole array of woods, we are your local experts who promise high-quality installation for every kind of wood. We commonly work with hardwood floors and engineered floors, everything from oak to ash, to beech, or walnut. Whatever your material, our tailored approach to installation ensures that everything runs smoothly, with processes that will specifically benefit that type of wood strictly adhered to and the attention to detail meticulous!

Depending on the style, type of wood, and room details, the process of installing your wood floor will vary slightly. There is a general routine, however, that we follow and then add details to bring the best out of every unique project. First off we need to make sure that the atmosphere will be able to maintain the shaping of the wood. This involves measuring air humidity, testing subfloors for moisture, and inspecting its level. Once the correct levels have been reached, we must acclimatise your wood material. We leave it in the room for 7 days before the actual installation begins!