Brighton and Hove Wood Flooring Supply

1. Wood Floor Manufacture 


English Floors are the leading manufacture and suppliers of wood flooring. Offering a range of quality flooring products, we can supply you with the perfect wooden flooring material! Offering services for both wholesale and residential projects, we ensure that what you need is exactly what you get.

With years of experience in this field, we are known as a trusted and reliable service that will provide you with the excellent quality materials you need to time. No matter the size of your project, we are the team to help meet all of your requirements! Please get in touch today to begin the process of a perfect wood flooring supply, custom sourced for you.
2. Wood Floor Wholesale Supply 


Wholesale supply of wood flooring offers a trade service that will supply real wood floors to suit any specification or requirement. We source our excellent quality wood from all over the UK and Europe, ensuring that every single piece of material we work with is of the highest standard.

With a range of materials available, we can source exactly what you require. From reclaimed wood to engineered oak, to hardwood flooring, we are the team to ensure that only the best materials are sourced for your projects wood flooring. Able to deal with all sizes of projects, feel welcome to get in touch and we can discuss your next steps!

3. Residential Supply


Our residential wood flooring supply ranges across a whole span of aesthetics and properties to make your home look beautiful. With everything from reclaimed wood to parquet flooring to engineered wood flooring, our supplies will ensure that your home is looking its best. Amongst this array of aesthetic options, the choices also offer a variety of properties that will suit every home. Our team of experts will be happy to help you to make your choice of which material to have installed in your home!

Simple and cost-effective process

We know that wholesale supply can sometimes be a pain to manage! As your local experts, we provide our wood materials to people all over the UK and Europe, so you can be assured by a whole host of happy customers, that your wood will be just how you need it.

Keeping processes simple, you will deal with our highly knowledgeable customer service team who will have clear communication with you to make sure that everything runs smoothly. From making decisions about which wood you need to the transportation and delivery, we are the team to provide a professional standard of service that keeps your project on track, running smoothly.

Why work with us?

Providing the best quality wood flooring and engineered wood flooring in Sussex, we are the company to ensure that your flooring project runs smoothly. Offering the best quality wood materials, from parquet wood flooring to solid wood floors, your property will be utterly beautiful with the woods that we offer. Keeping our costs affordable, both our wholesale supply and residential supply offer you the best quality materials from a reliable and trustworthy team who are passionate about sourcing the best wood to be found and supplying it to you!