Wood Flooring Restoration in Brighton and Hove


If you have a property with an existing wood floor, you will be amazed at the rejuvenation it can have when you enlist our restoration service. As experts dealing in all things wood flooring, we are the team to repair and restore your scratched and dull wood surface, restoring it to its former beauty! With a customised approach to every project that we do, our restoration service will take into account all details of your room, working specifically to its uniquity to ensure that the best results can be achieved. We can deal with all kinds of repairs, and follow these with a thorough and exacting sanding and finishing process.

Why restore your wood floor?
A real wood floor can last a lifetime. If your flooring has not been maintained properly over the years, it may appear scratched and dull, as if it could never be repaired. Luckily for homeowners in Brighton and Hove, English Floors are experts in all forms of wood flooring, and can completely rejuvenate your home with our wood floor restoration service! Available for all types of wood and flooring styles, if your floor needs some help to look great again, be sure to get in touch, and we will be happy to help!

Our sanding service will remove that damaged top layer of wood to reveal a fresh and faultless surface. Using specialist equipment, our expert team will tailor which sanding paper to use to best benefit your flooring and then work carefully, with great attention to detail. This sanding is best done by a specialist to make sure that only a small and smooth layer is removed. Once this first layer has been sanded away, we then go on to use different forms of sanding to smooth the surface.

In some cases, wood floors will require repairs. This kind of work will need to be employed when the damage is too deep for sanding to deal with. Commonly this involves dealing with deep scratches, scuffs, dents, stains, and burn marks. Using professional methods and high-quality materials, in most circumstances, we can repair your flooring to a point where there is no sign that the damage was there at all! Once these repairs have taken place, we return once more to the sanding and finishing processes to ensure that there is an even blend between your newly repaired area and the rest of the room.

The finishing element of the work is what will really lift the room. Including varnishing and stains, we can create the colour and aesthetic that you love. With an array of colours, sheens, and textures available, our work will bring out the perfect look for your home. The finishing process also adds a layer of protection that will maintain your wood flooring at its rejuvenated beauty for many years to come. Working with only the highest quality products available, our professional application and painstaking attention to detail will ensure your wood floor is finished to absolute perfection!