Sanding and finishing are stages that may need to take place throughout your real wood floor’s lifetime. After the initial installation’s sand and finish, you may also find that due to daily wear and tear, the sleek, newly-installed look dissipates and you require another sand and finish. We usually see this becoming a necessity around 10 years following the previous one! As your local experts, English Floors are the team to provide excellent installation and maintenance of the wood flooring across Brighton and Hove.

First off, we undertake the sanding process. We use specialist equipment that will achieve a clean sanding action to smooth over the surface of your wood flooring. We have a machine that will deal with the bulk of a room, and another that will be able to achieve a perfect finish at the edges. After a coarse sanding, we use a finer sanding paper in 2 more rounds to achieve a perfect, smooth finish. By working with a professional you ensure that everything goes to plan. Instead of risking an uneven pressure that creates chips or dips in a DIY job, work with your local experts to ensure a smooth and even finish that makes the most of your wood floor!

The finishing process adds those final touches to your floor to bring it to just how you want it to be. Providing a protective layer, this stage involves a stain or varnish application to the wood, creating a shine or change of colour as you decide. All products that we work with are of the highest, professional standard and are available in a range of looks to suit your taste. Extremely hardwearing, it is perfect for all floors in your home, ensuring that it can withstand the daily wear and tear of heavy footfall.

For these finishing touches to take place to perfection, working with a professional is always your best bet. These last moments within an installation or maintenance service are crucial in preparing your wood flooring to be functional, able to withstand daily wear and tear, and look just how you want it! As experts in this field, we pay great attention to detail, beginning with a sanding that is effective in the delicate work to reveal a smooth new layer of fresh wood. Once this is completed, our team meticulously apply a finish that neatly leaves you with a beautiful floor that will retain its aesthetic for many years.

Alongside our installation service, you may find that every 10 years or so, your wood floor needs to be resanded and finished. This service will remove that top layer that has been subjected to a decade of daily wear and tear, revealing a fresh layer that lies beneath it. Offering affordable services at excellent quality, we are the team to ensure that your wood floor is rejuvenated. The professional standard finish that we apply will provide any aesthetic that you choose, protecting your floor for another decade to come.